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Review: Keyakizaka46 First Single 'Silent Majority' TYPE A

Hello there!

Finally, Keyakizaka46, the official rival of Nogizaka46 has already release their first single called "Silent Majority" and the center of this single is Hirate Yurina who is the girl on the cover.

The reason why I chose type A is because I have no Oshi at that time and Hirate is really Kawaii

Track Listing: Type A


  • Silent Majority
  • Te o Tsunaide Kaeroka
  • Yamanotesen (Hirate solo)
  • Off-vocal/instrumental of all songs above.


  • Silent Majority Music Video
  • Yamanotesen Music Video
  • Nijika Ishimori, Minami Koike, Yuuka Sugai, Nanako Nagasawa, Yurina Hirate, Nanami Yonetani, Rika Watanabe PV


I ordered this single from CDJapan and their packaging is quite well. I don't have to be worried about the broken of CD because of Thailand posting system. :p

At the Front of CD Box, the picture of Hirate Yurina is standing in the river or the ditch(?). I have no idea where is it. She's wearing a cool uniform which I really love it. I have no idea why they have to take the photo in that environment but it looks good actually. Does it relate to Keyakizaka46 at some point?

From left to right: Suzumoto Miyu, Hirate Yurina, Imaizumi Yui, Kobayashi Yui and Watanabe Rika

At the back, there are the detail about this Single, etc. The picture is taken at the same position as the picture at the front. Let's take a look inside!

The first thing you will see is a CD on the right side. The CD is screened the picture of constructed city(which I think it is the same place as the cover image). On the left side there is the booklet (which is actually the cover).

Turning to the next page. On the left side, there is DVD which contains MVs and PVs as I have mentioned above. On the right side, there is the bonus photo which they randomly put it. Behind the bonus picture, there is a picture of a river and a constructed city.

And this is the bonus picture which I got. I have got the picture of center of Keyakizaka46, Hirate Yurina!!! OMG

Now let's see what is inside the booklet. There are the lyrics of all the tracks that are contained in the CD and the ticket of handshake event.

Some pictures inside the booklet.

The handshake event ticket for people who haven't seen it before.


This single is probably a 'great' debut single for Keyakizaka46. The melody is catchy. The meaning of the "Silent Majority" is fantastic! and it satirizes the society. Especially my country lol (If our lovely P.M heard this song, he will love it too lol). The quality of product(case, picture etc.) is good as usual. All the members in this group are very good and some of them are talented. However, they have just debuted so they have a lot of things to do.

Finally, I would like to invite all of you to support Keyakizaka46. Buy their Single! If you don't know how to buy it from Japan, I have written this article which will teach you how to buy it in Thai Language. There're many ways to buy it such as PlayAsia.com, Amazon, Tenso, CDJapan etc.

I will be happy if you shared my article! Good bye.

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Review: Keyakizaka46 First Single 'Silent Majority' TYPE A
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