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Happy New Year 2017: 2016 Year in Review & New Year Resolution


Dear readers,
happy new year!

Time flies.

I am glad that our lovely prime minister, Gen Prayut Chan-ocha, has been doing his work as a leader for 2 years and a half!

Personally, this year is quite chaotic, as many events have recently occurred. Therefore, today, I am going to write about both impressive and unimpressive things in 2016 and my 2017 year resolution.

New Devices, New Life

I have got a new mobile phone and a laptop, which help me a lot in many situations. Thank you to everyone who supports me this year!

Many Activities And Competition Attended

I have competed in many competitions and joined a lot of extra activities outside the school this year. They make me away from school society; however, they are more challenging and enjoyable.

Nogizaka46 and Keyakizaka46 Growth and Popularity

My favorite Japanese idol group is gaining more popularity and MONEY. Nogizaka is on the top 3 of the most earning artist in 2016 in Japan (¥7,437,000,000)!

Keyakizaka46, a sister group of Nogizaka46, is the most fast-growing group in this year, or even in this century in Japan. After one year of debut, they have already had their drama and TV Show. Their singles have been sold a million copies already!

Both Nogizaka46 and Keyakizaka46 are (secondly for Nogizaka46) invited for Kouhaku Uta Gassen. It's a significant achievement for them this year. I hope for a good strategy by Sony.

We have to prepare for graduations of Nogizaka46 members. It will be sad; however, it's good for the member to start her new journey.

Water Waiting to Be Drained

We have had a lot of rain recently this year. My lovely school has been submerged several times this year. "Water Waiting to Be Drained."

Thai Constitution Referendum

The draft is eventually passed.......

I have talked a lot about it on my Facebook.

Legistative passes a new Computer Crimes Act!

Read more here.

I totally agree most of a content given in a link above.

Post-truth, Xenophobia, Paranoid, Surreal, Brexit, réfugiés, postfaktisch, 金, Unpresidented

Post-truth, Xenophobia, Paranoid, Surreal, Brexit, réfugiés, postfaktisch, 金, Unpresidented

These are the words of the years from various institution and countries including Oxford Dictionary, Dictionary.com, Cambridge Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Collins, France, Germany, Japan and The Guardian, respectively. It reflects the image of this year through one word depending on many perspectives.

Most of the words reflect a political situation in 2016. Brexit passed a referendum because of fake news. Donald Trump also gets elected. Western is facing xenophobia and a refugee crisis. What a terrible year!

The uprising of the right! Syria wars! A tension between superpowers! Myanmar ethnic conflict! And many others.

Meanwhile, the Japanese picked the word 金. It means gold in the Japanese language. Reasons, why they chose, are Piko Taro, 12 gold medals from Olympics, monetary policy, and Tokyo governor corruption.

Passing Away of Many People

Rest in Peace :'( 2016.....

Facebook False Safety Check (27 Dec)

In the evening of 27 December, Facebook appeared a safety check from an explosion which doesn't actually exist. The sources of this safety check is a clickbait website that posts the 2015 blast on their site. It shows how weak Facebook's algorithm is.

"Nongng", A Facebook Page

A retarded page which might give someone cancer. Anyway, it makes me laugh, and that's it.

And many others. (Especially, political events F-CK OFF!) There are lots of events occurred this year. I'm lazy to mention it. Anyway, F-CK 2016!

New Year Resolution

People are changing, and their goals are shifting. New year resolution, for me, is a milestone which shows how far I have proceeded.

Last year, I wrote my resolution, which is utterly embarrassing and terrible. Frankly said, I wrote it before the first day of 2016, and I couldn't think about my resolution on time. (5 mins only lol)

However, a good thing is I have succeeded all I have written!

Hence, this year resolution is going to be more well-thought, since I have contemplated this for a long time!

1.Being A Capitalist: Earning money as much as I can.

We live in the place where capitalism is hegemonic. Yes, I do accept it and try to get money as much as I can. I'm a consumer, bi_ch!

2.Read More Books: up to 50!

I have finished reading 23 books in a row, 7 not yet completed (most of them are thick non-fiction books lol) according to Goodreads. I try to aim higher for this year, so I will try to read more than 50 books in 2017.

Back to my first goal, I need more money!

3.New Language, New world

Languages are tools for interpreting data for ourselves to understand. If you have more proficiencies in many languages, you will gain more opportunities, more to read and more to listen.

I'm currently learning Vietnamese on a platform called Duolingo. It's free and easy.

My next goal for language proficiency is Japanese. Most of the songs I listen to are Japanese, and I don't understand the song if I do not open a translated lyrics.

4.Grab every oppotunity coming in my life

I'm a typical high-school student. I want to try many things as possible since I'm still young. It might change some people. Even if it's just a small group of people.

5.Travelling aboard!

If I got a chance...

To sum up,

F_CK 2016!

Wishing you all a happier new year!

My writing in English still needs a lot of improvement, and this is a practice.

Happy New Year 2017: 2016 Year in Review & New Year Resolution
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