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2017's เพลง / 音楽 / 노래

I wrote 100 the most listened songs in 2016, but for 2017, I am just too lazy. This just includes all of the songs I have transferred to my playlist in 2017. No standard, evaluation, etc.

音楽 - Japanese Songs

For J-Pop, I listen normally what I followed, such as 46G, Flower, Aimer, some mainstream songs, and some 2000s.

1. 乃木坂46 - インフルエンサー (2017 Single)

This song simply represents 2017 Nogizaka. Though I was firstly disappointed with this single overall, it turned out so well, as it got the award. The song itself is quite weird but catchy after replay it for a few time.

2. 乃木坂46 - 逃げ水 (2017 Single)

I was surprised for 2 newly W-center from 3rd generation. Well seriously the lyric is quite "high", and the mv is weird. However, it has got a good vibe. Decent song from Nogizaka.

3. 乃木坂46 - いつかできるから今日できる (2017 Single)

Again, state-of-art W-center, new generation ace, Saito Asuka, and Nishino Nanase. It is typical idol movie OST. Of course, it is quite good.

4. 欅坂46 - 風に吹かれても (2017 Single)

Seriously this song is bop as f.

5. Utada Hikaru - Anata (2017 Single)

Anata, in my opinion, is quite decent compared to entire songs she has produced. Jazz infused here is quite nice though.

6. Utada Hikaru - HEART STATION (2008 Album)

This flashback occurs simply because of an appearance of Utada's catalog in Spotify. So far I love this album the most apart from singles like First Love / Sakura Drop.

7. M-flo - UNIVERSE (2017 Album)

Like its name, this album just includes numerous of 2000s songs from M-flo, such as Let Go, the Love Bug, miss you, and come again. Dope af.

8.Aimer - Best Selection Blanc (2017 Album)

There are 2 best selections from Aimer, Blanc, and Noir. Blanc is my favorite, as all the songs that I loved are on this album. For example, Polaris, Kataomoi, Anatani Deawanakereba Kasetutouka (holy shit so long how can I remember it), and so on.

9.Apink - Pink Stories (2017 Album)

Though Apink is Korean, the song is released in Japanese. I just love "Bye Bye", and "Orion". Others are great too.

10.Flower - Taiyou no Elegy (2017 Single)

This song is a shift from Flower as most of their songs are sad and ballad. Everything including choreography, melody, composition, and lyrics is different.

노래 - K-Pop

2017 is personally the year of Korean songs. I listened to them a lot as many artists just released many many good songs. (I don't really listen to K-idol songs.)

11.IU - Palette (2017 Album)

HOLY SHIT! This is like the best album of the year in 2017 K-Pop. Listening to these songs are just satisfying your ears. Pre-releases like Through the Night, and Can't love you anymore (Feat.Oh Hyuk) are masterpieces. I can listen to the whole album.

12.IU - A Flower Bookmark 2 (2017 Album)

Second remake album from IU is totally on point. Sadly the seventh track is deleted due to an issue. Sleepless Rainy Night is my favorite.

13.Bolbbalgan4 - Red Diary Page.1 (2017 Album)

These 2 girls are just amazing. Nothing to say just listen to them. Some is one of the K-pop songs of the year.

14.Bolbalgan4 - Red Planet (2016 Album)

This was released in 2016, but still on my playlist. Galaxy is their masterpiece. The whole album is just mellow.

15.Bolbbalgan4 - Tell Me You Love Me (2016 Single)

The vibe is dope.

16.Epik High - WE'VE DONE SOMETHING WONDERFUL (2017 Album)

I have known this group for about 3 years, but not really their fans. I listened to this album as there is a song Ft.IU, but the most favorite come out to be HOME IS FAR AWAY ft.Oh Hyuk. The composition is on point. The entire album is well-composed.

17.Suzy - Yes? No? (2017 Album)

O M G! Suzy as a solo artist is satisfying. Question Mark is the best on this album personally. Pretend is the second. Still listening today.

18.Apink - Pink Up (2017 Album)

Five is a reincarnation of Apink image of cuteness. Though Bomi's haircut was terrible, the song was beloved by Koreans as we can see on the chart. Eyes composed by Chorong is so emotional. Others are great. I can listen to every song.

19.Apink - Cliche (from Album 2016 Dear)

I listen to Dear album in 2016, but this song remains on my playlist until today. Chorong & Naeun collab is just so good.

20.Heize - /// (2017 Album)

Don't know you is addictive. Others song like Star (Rain ver.), and You, Cloud, Rains are written so well. She's got the identity.

21.Heize - Star (2016 Single)

This song is just so good. That's why I still listen to it until today.

Lastly เพลงไทย - Thai songs

Yep, I'm Thai, therefore I listen to Thai songs.

22.Ink Waruntorn - Bliss (2018 Album)

Though the album is released in 2018, all the songs were released 1-2 years ago. เกี่ยวกันไหม? (the latest single) is literally 2017 Thai song of the year in my opinion. Her voice goes well with the synth-pop style.

23.Tattoo Color - สัตว์จริง (2017 Album)

Tattoo Color has a lot of catchy songs that anyone can sing along with when I was in Prathom grade. This album contains decent songs, which I enjoyed. เผด็จเกิร์ล is so far my favorite. Its usage of the current political situation is so creative.

24.Gene Kasidit - Blonde (2014 Album)

When I say I listen to this artist, there are 2 types of replying: 1.Who the fuck is this guy 2.Really? Gene is one of Thai artists that I almost love all of the songs. This album is released in 2014, and I brought it to my playlist again in 2017.

25.Polycat - 80 Kisses (2016 Album)

The best album of Polycat. Synth-pop and Japanese city pop influences on this album make it outstanding.

When I mention the album here, it means that I just listen to the whole album.

Finally, I hope in 2018, there will be more good songs to listen.

2017's เพลง / 音楽 / 노래
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